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Best of all, our spray, soak and mulch treatments were designed for at-home use, so its easy to treat your pest problems at home on your own no professionals needed. DIY Pestigation Products We offer a wide variety of pest control products for annoying indoor insects and outdoor bugs. Best Yet organic bug spray This workswonders on indoor pests like flies, mosquitos, ants and spiders. Just spray directly onto household surfaces or apply through a fogger or mister to treat existing infestations and prevent future ones. Pest Control Operators Choice Our PCO Choice is extremely effective at eradicating outdoor pests.
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Follow on Facebook and convey extra love and life into your own home. I discovered an excellent roundup of 31 pure pest management strategies over at One Good Thing By Jillee. I simply hate the thought of spraying our house with chemical compounds, particularly with two younger youngsters round! When we lived in Florida and had no youngsters I didnt assume twice about having our residence sprayed to maintain the bugs away. But now, I am looking out for pure strategies as a lot as potential. Heres the hyperlink to all 31 concepts OneGoodThingByJillee Natural Pest Control Tips Image Credit: Got opinions? Thoughts?
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We are suppliers and stockists of humane, live catch, pest control traps, live catch pest control cage traps, insect glue board traps as well as snap and killing pest control traps. We DO NOT sell animal or rodent glueboard traps as we consider these to be extremely cruel and inhumane. Our Pest Control Trap range will let you put a stop to and get rid of problems and infestations of household or garden pests. We supply a mouse trap range of live catch or killing traps as well as a rat trap range of live catch or killing traps. We are stockists of humane live catch cage traps including a larsen bird cage trap, a cat cage trap, a fox cage trap, a hare trap, a mink trap, a rabbit trap and a squirrel trap. Our garden mole traps include humane tunnel traps and traditional duffus and scissor killing traps. For catching and trapping crawling or flying insect pests, we have ant traps, cockroach traps, clothes moth traps, flea traps, fly traps, mosquitoe traps, slug and snail traps and wasp traps.
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